Curriculum statement – Art, Craft and Design

Lead teacher: Mrs E Robertson

The Power of art, craft and design

John Ruskin said, “Art shows us what it is to be human”.

There is an energy inside every student that can be accessed and ignited through art education. The buzz of creation is something that can only be achieved through a connection to something truly unique and personally insightful. Art enables students to connect with life and teaches them how to deal with the world around them. It opens up passages and possibilities to think beyond what we already know. Developing the ability to communicate visually allows students to discover and showcase their own identity. It is important for students to find out who they are and be proud of the differences that make us unique and also bind us together. Nothing is more stimulating, exciting, consoling than creating or appreciating artwork.

You can’t have innovation in other subjects if you don’t have art.

Curriculum features and objectives

  1. To develop creativity, imagination and recording skills.
  2. To develop investigative, analytical and interpretive skills.
  3. To develop students’ abilities to work individually, in small groups and as a class.
  4. To make appropriate use of ICT, reading, writing, verbal skills and numeracy.
  5. To actively develop arts partnerships which meet the needs of Settlebeck students.
  6. To maintain and stimulate lasting student curiosity, interest and enjoyment in all aspects of art, craft and design.
  7. To create an atmosphere where students wish to learn, so that they can come to enjoy creating art because they are active, independent participants.
  8. To enable each student to achieve his/her potential in a variety of situations using all available resources appropriately, to ensure the highest level of achievement for each student.
  9. To enable students to be familiar with a body of knowledge, principles, skills, techniques and vocabulary related to art, craft and design.
  10. To enable students to understand the unique qualities of different materials and processes and being able to exploit these within practical work.
  11. To enable students to develop a range of desirable personal qualities such as resilience, initiative, confidence and visual awareness.
  12. To employ inclusive teaching methods and resources that allow all students to be treated equally and feel valued.
  13. To foster and encourage a lasting enjoyment and appreciation of art, craft and design from a variety of cultures and traditions throughout history.

Curriculum enrichment

The curriculum aims to engage students with a wide variety of art forms, aiming to explore values, attitudes, feelings and meanings.

Art is unique, in that it covers a broad base of PSHE content, helping students to access a full and well-rounded education, in turn promoting self-awareness, self-esteem, confidence and maturity.

The department has worked to promote cross curricula enrichment with various other subject areas for example students are encouraged to write music, poetry and short stories as part of their project work.

Art club is available 3 times a week during lunch break and once after school for an hour.

The Arts Showcase, ‘A Night to Remember’ is an Arts collaboration alongside Music and Drama. It has allowed students to research and become familiar with WW2 popular culture and local history.

Homework is set regularly and is essential in extending and progressing pupils’ skills, understanding and attainment in each project.

Pupils at Key Stage 4 are given a wide range of opportunities to express themselves creatively with projects based on subjects or art movements.