Curriculum Statement – Food Preparation and Nutrition

Lead Teacher: Mrs H Waring

Curriculum Statement – Food

The understanding of diet is a major contributor to a healthy and long life. The ability to understand nutrition, its value and its impact on the human body is a lifelong skill that will not only serve students in their own lives but the lives of their families in years to come. The ability to confidently prepare food and have the skills to manipulate equipment both basic and complex in order to prepare healthy, fun and quality food is a necessary life skill. Students will get an opportunity to work with a variety of food commodities.

The subject offers students an understanding of raw ingredients and the chance to discuss the value of preparing meals for self as opposed to convenience foods. Students gain knowledge of food provenance and manufacturing. I feel this is a vital skill in a society where food is both wasted and in short supply.

The subject lends itself to enable children and young adults to feel a sense of pride and achievement in making products for self, school and family.

The physical nature of this subject allows students to interact and communicate and support each other especially where 2 years are taught together with older students in the room taking on more leadership roles.

The subject allows diversity and an understanding of foods and cultures from around the world.

Curriculum features

The curriculum is built at key stage 3 about basic/medium food preparation skills and manipulation of key machinery in the kitchen. Design plays a role from designing for self to designing for others. Nutritional understanding and importance of food provenance are also explored along with basic food science and food culture.

As students move to key stage 4 students begin to work with a higher level of precision and skill. They look more in detail at the following areas.


Principles of Nutrition

Diet and good health

Science of food

Where food comes from

Cooking and food preparation

Curriculum enrichment

In order that students experience as many different opportunities within food production and to upskill them we have set up links with a local college to embrace their professional expertise with some of the Chefs visiting school to deliver more technical aspects of the course. Also students visit the college to work in the kitchen in order to see a real life working environment and food at the high-end level.

Students support the school in many events such as Christmas Fair, annual senior citizens concerts and MacMillan coffee morning to name a few. This is promoting the success of the subject.