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9/10 Summer task


Dodge the Bombs

9/10 Computing

Hope all is well. Here is this weeks work. Watch the video on Malicious code first and answer the questions:

Now watch the video on Penetration testing and complete the questions:

Malicious Code And Penetration Testing

I believe it is catch up week next week so the deadline for this is Wednesday July 8th

KS4 Computing

We are changing focus now to look at Cyber Security. There are 2 parts to this weeks task.
Firstly Cyber Threats:—QS5jfV0BbK5rS

Watch the video and answer the first part of the worksheet.

And secondly Social Engineering:
Again watch and then complete the table.
The Deadline for this is Wednesday 24th June

9/10 Computing

Attached is your next task. This video will help you complete it so please watch.
The task is to Explain … various security features. Explain means you must state what it is and how it works.
The deadline for this task is Wednesday 17th June