Drama Documents

Year 7/8 Drama

Task 4 Drama  

 Due in to thextonk@settlebeck.org  by Friday 10th July 


In drama we have to know the technical terms for all the different parts of the stage. 


In order to learn this, click on this link and spend 12 minutes (time it) reading the bitesize stuff about stage positions in Drama: 



When you think you understand what all the different parts of the stage are called, start this next task. (If you don’t understand it, email me to ask). 


Either on-screen or on paper, draw a sketch/plan of a theatre layout, clearly showing the stage and where the audience sits. Show: 

  • A sofa upstage right
  • A large TV upstage left
  • A person (stick person is fine) centre stage
  • A football downstage right
  • A dog downstage left

If you enjoy drawing, add more detail, but only if you want. 

Submit to me by email. Take a clear photo if you have done it on paper.  

Year 9/10 Drama


Deadline Monday 15th June

Year 7/8 Drama

Drama task 3

Year 9/10 Drama

Year 910 Drama

Deadline Monday 8th June

Discussion on Teams 11am Monday 8th June

KS3 Drama

KS3 Drama task 2 Mickey

Please complete by Monday 18th May

KS4 Drama – Practical

Date Set: Monday 20th April

Deadline – Friday 8th May

Return to: campbells@settlebeck.org

KS4 Drama

Y7/8  Drama work. 

Please submit via email to thextonk@settlebeck.org by Thursday 30th April 

Just as there are different forms in English (novel, play, poem, novella, dialogue, monologue, sonnet, ballad, epistolary novel) there are the different forms in drama:

  • Mime/mute
  • Choral work
  • Physical theatre
  • Musical theatre
  • Farce
  • Satire
  • Commedia dell’arte


Year 7/8

Choose three of these different forms of drama and research what they are, and what makes them different from the others. Create a document (onedrive if possible but don’t worry) with a detailed explanation of what each one is, including history, origins, famous people connected, examples and explanations where possible. Aim to write 100 – 150 words plus any illustrations on each. 

This is your drama work for the first three weeks of term, due back to me by 30/4/20.. Email me if you are unsure, or have any questions thextonk@settlebeck.org

Year 9/10 Performing Arts

Drama Y9/10 Task 1 Summer Term

  1. Please all email me by Wed 15/4/20 to establish contact and confirm whether you have the following two textbooks: 

a copy of our textbook by Illuminate Publishing, called AQA GCSE Drama, by Annie Fox

a copy of the CGP Play Guide I gave you all

  1. Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UlKoKzsvzs
  2. Email me  thextonk@settlbebeck.org  on or by Wed 15/4/20 to confirm you have watched this clip and also confirm whether you have the books. 

I will then email the work for the half (the first three weeks) of this half term, which is 6 weeks long.