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Year 7/8 English Tasks:

Wednesday Task
Tuesday Task

Year 7 and 8 Tuesday Challenge Onomatopoeia

Task 5 of the daily challenge (Friday):

Writing well – more metaphors

Task 4 of the daily challenge ( Thursday):

Writing well – similes, metaphors and personification

Task 3 of the daily challenge ( Wednesday):


Task 2 of the daily challenge ( Tuesday) :
 I so enjoyed receiving your poems yesterday on coronavirus and lockdown.
I will send feedback as soon as possible.
Today is something totally different. A power point is attached. Copy it into your documents then where there are things to write, try to write on the power point but do put your full name on the first slide.
If this doesn’t work, just write your answers on a word document. Again name at the top.
I look forward to looking at what you produce.
All prizes promised will be given out when we return to school. Ms Ingham
Task 1 of the daily challenge ( Monday) :

Year 7 and 8 English acrostic poem 6th July 2020


English task due 15th June

Please spend 2 hours a week on these tasks, no more, and submit by email to me: [email protected]

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