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Year 10 English

Year 10 Poetry booklet summer 2020

Edexcel Lit Poetry Anthology 2018

Year 9/10 English

Attached is the next task I spoke about to those in school last week. Hoping you will all have a go at it. It’s descriptive writing which many of you are good at. Deadline: next Monday.
   Ever wanted to escape to somewhere no-one else is. This is chance to do so, if only in your imagination. Maybe you have already been to such a place? Maybe one day you will actually go to the place you are about to imagine?  I look forward to reading your vivid descriptions.
Do email me if you need extra help.                   Ms Ingham
Wildernesses Descriptive Writing

Year 9/10 English – for pupils not in school only

Year 10s who have been in school have been looking at more of the story that the English work on Wildernesses is based on – “Where the Crawdads Sing”. They have been focusing on the fact the dead body of a young man, Chase Andrews, is found right at the start of the story and discussing what might have happened to him – why is he dead.
So if you’re a year 10 who hasn’t been in school, or a year 9, then have a go at doing the same – working out what happened to Chase Andrews.  Work through the attached power point looking at the gathering evidence in the case and answering the questions. Then email to Mrs Davies if in year 9 or me (Ms Ingham) if in year 10 by Monday 29th June.
NOTE:   this is helpful preparation for an assessment piece I’d like you try.

Where the Crawdads Sing The Murder Case

Year 9/10 English 

Hoping you like the new topic – Wildernesses and Survival.  Attached is the first week’s work. Work through the power point slides. There are symbols on the attached power point to show where you should read, watch something and do written answers. Do writing on a word document to email to us. Put your name at the top with the title “Wildernesses and Survival”.
This is all leading to us looking at a book that Mrs. Davies and I have recently read and loved.
Our aim is to encourage you to enjoy reading extracts from it and other things too and inspire you to think and write well. And of course help prepare you for your English and Literature exams.
Wilderness Stories Part 1
Wilderness Stories Part 2
Part 1 due in Tuesday 9th June
Do contact us if you get stuck with anything and hope to see some of you soon.

Year 11 English tasks: