History Documents

10 Summer Task

Year 10 History – Work for the summer break

MEDCARD Introduction Edexcel 9-1

7/8 History – Summer task

Work for July [and holiday] Project Eyewitness

7/8 History

Part One – Task Sheet – The Sinking of the Titanic- READ THIS FIRST

The sinking of the Titanic – information

The sinking of the Titanic – Comic Strip

Deadline 29th June

9/10 History

Project eyewitness:

Work for June. Project Eyewitness

Year 7/8 History

June 1st READ FIRST – Year 7-8 history Part Three – Instructions for task on FBI profile

A brief introduction to the FBI Profiling Units

FBI Profile – table version

Francis Tumblety

Frederick Bailey Deeming

Joseph Barnett

Michael Ostrog

Montague John Druitt

Richard Mansfield

Year 11 History

2.3 Why was Hitler invited to become Chancellor in 1933

Part Two – Guided Learning Programme year 11

Q2.3-4 – Interpretations for use with question

Question Types – Germany

Deadline 4th May

Year 9/10 History

 Q1.3 – Monday 4th May

  Q2.1 – Monday 18th May

 Q2.2 – Monday 1st June

1.3 – The Crisis Year 1923 and Gustav Stresemann

1.4 – How far did German society change under the Weimar Republic between 1924

Part 2 – 9&10 Guided Learning Programme – Nazi Germany

Q2.1Question Types – Germany

Task 2.1

Task 2.2a

Task 2.2b

Year 7/8 History Part 2

READ FIRST – Year 7-8 history Part Two – Instructions for guided learning tasks [Complete Part One First]

A Map of Whitechapel in 1888 showing the location of the 5 murders attributed to Jack the Ripper

A modern wanted poster

Case File – #2 – Last known whereabouts of Annie Chapman

Case File #1-Annie Chapman biography

Case File #3 – Inquest testimony of Annie Chapman

Jack the Ripper Letter Comparison

Timeline of the Whitechapel Murders

Deadline: 18th May

Year 7/8 Part 1

Year 7-8 history Instructions for guided learning

Artists Impression of Bucks Row

The Death Certificate of Mary Ann Nichols

Mary Ann Nichols mortuary photo

Mary ann Nichols – belongings

Map Location of Murder of MANichols

Inquest testimony as reported in The Times

Death mask of Frederick Bailey Deeming

Daily NewsCover


Year 11

Weimar and Nazi Germany

Introduction and Guided Learning Programme





Year 9/10:

Please find attached the first part of the guided learning programme for your GCSE history course.  We’re picking up where we left off in class, and jump in with the organisation of the new Weimar Republic in 1918.  All this work is a necessary part of your exam.  None of it, I repeat none of it, is a filler exercise.  You must attempt all tasks and keep a complete set of notes in your exercise book for revision purposes.  You must also email completed assessments to me by the [very generous] deadline included on the outline.  You will need your textbooks.  Please look after them.
Please start with the Introduction.  This will guide you through the tasks.
Please email me with questions. [email protected]