Home Learning Overview

Dear Parent / Carer

You will be aware that students will undertake remote learning over the coming weeks.

The structure is different to previous school closure, so I hope that this information clarifies the process.

All students who are learning from home will be required to log onto Teams between 9am and 9.10 am every morning (with effect from Wednesday 6th January) to register with their form tutor.

It is important that if your child is ill or has a medical appointment that you report it as you would normally. We will be contacting parents if students do not register or do not appear to be engaging with remote learning, so this will save us contacting you unnecessarily.

All students are expected to follow their usual timetabled lessons, and work will be set on Teams (or Moodle for IT / Computer Studies) in line with this. These lessons will be a combination of independent work, video lessons and live online lessons.

On the school website there is a generic timetable of lessons that teachers are expecting students to be online and logged onto Teams (or Moodle) for. This will allow us to monitor the engagement of students, as well as ensuring that they get the necessary support in all subjects. Some of these lessons will correspond to your child’s timetable – it may be an idea to highlight the appropriate lessons (please contact form tutors if you need support with this). Subject teachers will also make sure that students are reminded about when they need to be online for individual subjects either by Teams message or a meeting reminder.

Staff will be taking a register of students during these times and either delivering an online lesson or offering individual support with work that has been set. Please emphasise the importance of engaging with these sessions and the support that is on offer. We all want students to continue to make progress during this period of remote learning.

If students are not registering in lessons or not submitting work when requested, then teachers will contact them and ask for a response by 3.30pm that day. If a teacher does not hear from these students, then the Head of Year will be informed. They will have an overview of student engagement in all the subjects and will contact parents if they are concerned about the progress of any student.

If you have any technical issues (lost password, difficulty using Teams etc.) that prevent your child from accessing the work on Teams, please let us know via [email protected] – we will respond as quickly as we can, and try to help find a solution.

Thank you for your support with this process during these uncertain times.

Mrs A Berry

Deputy Headteacher

Anna Berry

Deputy Headteacher

Settlebeck School

015396 20383

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