Mr Greenwood Science

Year 10

Science Work for Year 10 over the summer:


Please find attached the list of all the required practicals you need to know for science. We would like you to complete the practicals highlighted in RED.


The table gives you the title of the practical, a video link to watch the practical, the pages you need in  your revision guide and the pages you need to complete in your work books. We will be marking these on your return in September.


You will need to complete all the questions in your work booklets (the white ones)for these 5 practicals.


If you wish to do more feel free. There is a sheet for those of you with the higher tier books and one for the foundation tiered books. Please check  the front of your revision guides if you are not sure which sheet to use.

Foundation required science practical

Higher Science Required Practical List

Miss Queen and Mr Greenwood

Year 7/8

I would like to invite you to a live lesson on Thursday 16th July at 10am. We will be holding the  second round of our science quiz! You will be able to see your friends and compete against them, although it is mainly for fun. We will have five rounds, three science based and 2 general knowledge. The link will be sent by Mr Greenwood later in the week You will need a pen and a piece of paper. It will last no longer than 1 hour.

If you are not able to join us then don’t worry we will release the quiz questions after the live version has completed  via email and on the website and you can fill them in when it suits you and email them back to me the following week.

  The topics this week are; food and nutrition, energy and the periodic table if you want to go and get prepared ready for the quiz!

Hope to see you on Thursday, give me a quick email if you think you can join us!

All Years:

I did not have a great return from you guys last week so there seems little point in setting further work.
Year 9s you have your assessment to do. A couple did return this and I have e-mailed them privately.
Year 10s you were given some white book pages. If you finished these I should have sent you the answers so if you haven’t received them please let me know and I will send them again. For you guys I think it is a good idea to do the next three pages (if you did the first three). These will be:
  • 84 – Reproduction
  • 85 – Meiosis
  • 86 – More on reproduction
When you are done please submit your work to me and I will send you the answers.
Any year 10s who wish to do further white book pages, I think this is a good idea. Continuing your revision over the Summer holidays will do you good as long as you balance this out with other activities and rest. I will be available to answer e-mails over the Summer so if you wish to request answers for pages you have done please let me know and I will sort this out for you.

Year 10s

Over the next week we would like you to complete the pages of your Biology white book that have the following titles: DNA, The Structure of DNA and Protein Synthesis, Mutations. 
You should be able to use your revision guides as a support for this. I will send the answers to you once you submit your work. If anyone is unclear on this task please e-mail me immediately. 

Year 9s

You guys unfortunately don’t have the revision guides or work books but you will get them this time next year so don’t worry! I have attached an end of topic set of exam questions. Please can you complete these either by printing them or just writing your answer out in your book. 
Deadline for these tasks is Friday the 10th July at 3pm. 


Inheritance and reproduction key words

Revision ideas and instructions

B6 revision guide questions

7/8 b and c

Week 1 – Energy stores and transfers
Lesson 3 –

Week 2 – Conduction and convection
Week 3 – Energy transfers part 2
Any questions or queries about if you have work missing please get in touch.

9/10 a and b

Week 1 – DNA
Week 2 – Reproduction
Week 3 – Inheritance and genetic diagrams
Week 4 – Genetic disorders