Music Documents

This half term, I’m giving you a choice.  Below are 7 different activities.  I would like you to choose two to complete.  Please complete the first one by Friday 19th June and the second by Friday 10th July.  This gives you three weeks to complete each one.

Here is a brief description of each activity.  More details  for each activity are attached.

  1. Carry on with your BandLab/GarageBand work, adding a second section to your piece.  You could try adding virtual instruments (only in GarageBand) or using the mic to record yourself playing or singing.  Creating a Song in BandLab or GarageBand (1)
  2. Choose two songs to learn and find a karaoke track to sing along to.  There are loads on Youtube and Spotify, or you could learn songs for the Virtual Big Sing.  If you want, you can get someone at home to accompany you instead. Learn to sing two songs (1)
  3. Explore different ways of using your voice, including singing, scat, rap and beatboxing. Rap and Beatbox
  4. Learn to play one or two new pieces of music on your instrument.Learn to play one or two new pieces on your instrument (1)
  5. Chair drumming.  Learn to play a drum kit by practising on a chair. Chair Drumming
  6. Create a new playlist for me to listen to on my (very slow) runs.Create a New Playlist for Me
  7. Make your own musical instrument which you can play a tune on (so no drums or shakers this time).  Work out how to play a tune on it. Make Your Own Musical Instrument
As well as your work, please would you send me a photo of something musical that you have done since school was closed?  This could be you playing your homemade samba instruments, or playing a musical instrument.  It would be great if it was in an unusual place such as singing at the top of a hill or playing your clarinet to a sheep. (I love pictures with animals).
As a starting point, here is a picture of me playing my flute to my cats.
I would like to put the pictures on the website so please check you have permission for this at home.  
If you don’t want to send a photo of yourself, please could you send a picture of something musical you have done, either a photo, drawing or painting?
Please send me your photos/pictures by Tuesday 30th June.
I’m looking forward to seeing what you create!
Mrs Brennan