Physical Education Documents

Year 9 Cambridge Sport

Date set: Wednesday 17th June

See attached word document as well as email for nutrition LO4 assignment template.

*Complete questionnaire as-well as 2 week diet/training tracker in preparation for planning a specific diet for an athlete.

Nutrition LO4 assignment template

*Please complete and email the assignment by the 15th July (This date includes the consolidation week) to [email protected]

Year 10

Cambridge sport Y10 


Hand out date: 16th June

Psychology LO4 – Miss Hodgson will email out the powerpoint, work booklet and assignment template. Please email your work to [email protected] by the following dates: 

First draft hand in: 3rd July

Final draft: 10th July

Core PE

Boys & Girls PE

Date set: Tuesday 14th April

Deadline: Work until further notice

Taking into consideration the current situation I would like all boys to take ownership of their own exercise regime. I would like all the boys to aim for doing the recommended exercise of at least an hour a day of a moderate intensity however this hour can be shaped to suit your individual needs. Focus most your energy on cardiovascular endurance, for example, running, speed walking, skipping, press ups, sit ups, step ups, burpees, ladder work, shuttle runs, hurdles etc.

Other exercise could include, football skills, short tennis/badminton, basketball skills etc.

See link below for inspiration or workouts that you can follow,

Extension: Record yourself leading a PE session of up to 30 minutes and email direct to [email protected] Any suitable videos will be added to the list above.

Please DO exercise that you enjoy as this will help motivate you to do it more frequently.

Keep your eye on the school Facebook page for some fun PE challenges to do if you wish.

Take care, Mr Richmond.