Science Documents

9/10 C

Thanks to those of you who submitted work before Easter. The work this week is as follows:
Using the notes pages (I have attached to this email) complete the following work sheets (also attached to this email). Note they are the same as those sent out before Easter but you are doing the second half so if you have already downloaded them you wont need to again.
I would strongly recommend using the video links and notes pages to make some notes in your book before you attempt the sheets. 
To make it easier for yourselves I am happy for you to submit the work all at once but the deadline is Friday the 17th at 3pm. Those of you who did not do the first weeks worth of work you have an extension to make sure all of it is complete.
Session 1:
  • Distance-time graphs
  • Velocity-time graphs and terminal velocity
Help with distance-time graphs:
Help with velocity-time graphs:
Session 2:
  • Newton’s 1st and 2nd Laws of motion
  • Newton’s third law
Help with Newton’s Laws of Motion:
Session 3:
  • Stopping distance and thinking distance
  • Braking distance
  • Reaction times
Help with stopping distances and factors that affect it:
If you finish and have no other school work then some useful things you could do (particularly for year 10s) to help with next years exams are to make revision posters on:
  • Newton’s Laws of Motion
  • Stopping distances and the factors that affect them

Year 11 Science

Keep working through past papers and sending evidence when complete to Mr Greenwood or Miss Queen depending on the paper.
Papers can be found here:

9/10 A and B

The work for this week is focusing on motion in a straight line. We have already looked at how unbalanced forces can affect an objects motion. Your work for this week is now to look at how we can calculate this change in motion and how it can be represented in graphs.
Both groups would not have had your lesson on Monday due to the Bank Holiday so there is only two lessons worth of work here. The deadlines are as follows:
A group – tasks completed by Thursday 9am (so you can finish it off Wednesday night if this is when you choose to work).
B group – tasks completed by Friday 9am (so you can finish it off Thursday night if this is when you choose to work).
Your job is simply to read through the attached Powerpoint and complete the questions and tasks on computer, paper or preferably the small purple books you were given. Please add appropriate titles so you know which each piece of work is about. Work can be submitted either by sending the document by e-mail or by taking a photo of it if you have hand written your work.

Year 7 (Miss Queen) Foundation Group Science

I have sent over a Key facts sheet and a test yourself sheet. Please could you read through the key facts sheet with your child. This should give them the knowledge they need to complete the work sheet.

Please could you set up the following video  link to watch how muscles work. The video is found on the bottom of the third page of skeletal and muscular systems( hopefully the link will take you directly to it).

Skeleton and Muscular Systems Test Yourself 2

Skeleton and Muscular System Key Revision Facts

Year 7 (Miss Queen) Science 

Read through the attached PowerPoint on the  importance of science.

  • Pick a scientist from the list or one that you find (don’t do one that you already have heard about)
  • research the scientist, find out about their lives and their discoveries, how have they changed the world?

Create a presentation using PowerPoint, word or on paper and email it back. Due 24th of April by 3.30 pm

Some example of scientists to pick:

Marie Curie, Nikola Tesla, Rachel Carson, Tim Berners- Lee, Nicolaus Copernicus, Rosalind Elsie Franklin, Gregor Johann Mendel, Joan Clarke.

The importance of science – week two (1)

Any questions email me. Miss Q

Year 7/8 Science – Extra challenge:

If you fancy a challenge or something to keep you busy  have a look at these projects:
If you want to build one if you have the resources at home you are more than welcome. Send me a video clip of it up and running. I know some of you don’t have things sellotape at home but thought you might enjoy doing something creative.
Marble run doesn’t count as I know this is your DT homework!

Mr Greenwood 9/10B

Instructions have been emailed out:

910B Forces group assessment 1

Mr Greenwood 9/10A

Assessment for to complete. Instructions have been e-mailed.
It is due in by Friday 3pm.

Miss Queen 9/10A Science:

 Please find attached some work sheets for revision from the topic 8 Analytical Chemistry. Please complete  by the Monday after Easter holidays. I will send you the mark schemes on that Monday please mark your answers then photo copy your work and send back to me so I can see how you have got on. I have also sent the revision guide to help. All the questions are levelled I expect everyone to complete the level 4-6 standard demand questions  and attempt 7-9 higher questions.

Mr Greenwood 9/10B

Please check your emails for further supporting documents.
This week we were going to continue our work on pressure. All the tasks below can be completed in your purple books (if you were in to be given one) on lined paper or using a computer if you have access. Evidence that the work is complete needs to be sent back to me no later than 3pm on Friday the 27th of March. This can either be an e-mail if you used a computer or a clear picture of the work if you did it in your books. 
Monday the 23rd and Wednesday the 25th:
  •  Use the Atmospheric pressure ILR attachment to answer the questions/ complete the tasks on the attached PowerPoint slide.
  • You have been given two lessons for this so I expect detail in your answers.
Thursday the 26th:
  • Use page 9 of the attached PDF (page 59 of the revision guide) to answer the following questions:
  1. What is upthrust?
  2. What is upthrust equal to?
  3. Under what circumstances will an object float?
  4. When will an object sink?
  5. How does a submarine use upthrust?
  6. Explain why a wooden object of density 700kg/m3 floats in water with a density of 1000 kg/m3

Mr Greenwood 9/10A

This week we were moving on to Forces and Elasticity and Hooke’s Law. The outline of the three lessons is below. Please complete the tasks and then send me photographic evidence by Friday the 27th at 3pm. If you have access to a computer and choose to do the work on a word document then please e-mail this to me. Any diagram or equation tasks will have to be found using the internet. If you do not have computer access then use either the small purple books you were given or A4 lined paper. I will be keeping a full record of who returns their work. Information regarding how I will assess the work will be given in due course. 
Monday 23rd –
Using page 5 of the PDF (55 of the revision guide) 
  • Make notes on how stretching, squashing and bending transfer energy making sure you are clear on the following key terms; elastic deformation, inelastic deformation and elastic potential energy. 
  • Write down the equation that shows the directly proportional relationship between force and extension
  • Then draw a simple line graph to show what happens when the limit of proportionality is exceeded and explain this in your own words. 
Tuesday 24th – 
This would have been our practical day. Please can you:
  •  Write out the method from page 6 of the PDF (56 of the revision guide)
  • Draw a simple diagram showing how the practical would be set up
  •  Write down the equation including units for how to calculate energy in the elastic potential store of an object
Wednesday 25th – 
Answer the following questions:
  1. How many forces are required to change the shape of an object?
  2.  A spring is fixed at one end and a force of 1N is applied to the other end, causing it to stretch. The spring extends by 2cm. Calculate the spring constant of the spring.
  3.  Describe how you would calculate the extension of an elastic object using the terms original length and final length.
  4. State two possible sources of measurement error in the practical.
  5.  A spring with a spring constant of 40N/m extends elastically by 2.5cm. Calculate the amount of energy stored in its elastic potential energy stores.
Any questions then please e-mail me, note I will be available between the hours of 8.30 and 3.30 for a quick reply. Outside of these hours I cannot guarantee that I will be able to reply immediately.
Instructions for Key Stage 3 Science with Miss Queen (7/8A)
Please find the electronic work sheets and copies of the revision book. Please work on either the paper version or write on a word document or in your exercise book. This is due for the Monday after Easter. I will send you the answers. Please can you send me a picture of your completed work. [email protected]
Any questions please email me.\
Instructions for Key Stage 3 Science with Mr Greenwood (7/8B and 7/8C)
All students who were present on Wednesday the 18th (C group) and Thursday the 19th (B group) have been given a paper copy of all the necessary resources as well as A4 paper. Anybody who was not present should be able to access the documents attached to this e-mail, they will need to be printed. In the instance of no printer being available most tasks can still be completed.
A lot of students who were absent I managed to find a classmate who was happy to post it through their doors – their was only a couple I did not manage this for.
The full instructions are on the attached word document.
I would recommend completing the first five tasks in week 1 and the rest of the tasks the following week.
When you have completed a task can you please send me a picture or e-mail me the work if you did it on the computer and I will be keeping track of who hands in what.
The first five tasks need to be completed by Friday the 27th at 3pm.
The second five tasks need to be completed by Friday the 17th of April at 3pm (after the Easter holidays).
Please make sure you take the time to produce good, quality work.
9/10 C Science:
I have joined your lessons up into 3 chunks.
  1. Tuesday period 4 and Wednesday period 3.
  2. Thursdays double periods 5 and 6.
  3. Friday period 1 and period 6.

    Below are the worksheet titles I expect to be complete by the end of the week. This is roughly 2-3 worksheets per chunk (2 lessons) so you should have plenty of time.

  1. Contact and non-contact forces. Weight, mass and gravity.
  2. Resultant forces and work done. Forces and elasticity. Investigating springs.
  3. Distance, displacement, speed and velocity. Acceleration.
The rest of the booklet should be saved for the week after Easter.
You can submit your work by taking photos of the pages at the end of each chunk or you can wait until the end of the week and submit it all as one. Work should be submitted no later than 3pm on Friday the 27th of March. 
Attached to this post is a PDF that contains revision guide notes for the forces topic and then a separate PDF containing a selection of work book pages that match. In the instance of the school having to close or you requiring to self isolate it is expected that you will complete the work book pages by either downloading them and printing them off or writing down your answers on paper (purple exercise books if you were given these in lessons). If you choose to do it this way then you will need to make sure you have clearly included the title of the worksheet and the correct question number.
Contact and Non-Contact Forces
Warm up:
Scalar: time, temperature, mass
Vector: acceleration, velocity, force
Q1. Vector quantities have both magnitude and direction
If anybody requires a paper copy of the work book pages then please let me know before the end of this week (Friday the 20th of March). Paper copies of the revision guide pages are not available at this stage.
If you have any questions or need any support completing this work then I am available on [email protected] 

Miss Queen Year 11 Science:

This week we have continued to work through Topic 8,  working through the anions, cations tests, flame tests, and gas tests. Finishing with emission spectroscopy. If you have been self isolating please use your chemistry revision guide and read through pages 86-90. There are links on the power point to help.
Homework this week week is to complete biology paper 1  you are allowed revision guides. I will send the mark scheme on Monday.
Let me know if you need a link to the papers.