Curriculum statement: Science

Lead Teachers: Miss S Queen, Mr D Greenwood

The Power of Science.

Science as a subject allows for students to not only engage deeper with the world we live in but also understand it to a greater extent. All children grow up engulfed by a curiosity and a desire to understand more and more about what is going on around them. Typically this is expressed by a continual need to ask – “why?”. Why does it rain? Why is the sky blue? Why do I have to eat fruit? Creative, effective and well planned teaching and learning of science has the ability to go much beyond this and ignite a fire in the minds of young people as they begin to realise the sheer enormity of the world we live in whilst comprehending the complexity of the smallest living things that share it with us.

Our aims are to:

  • Build children’s excitement and curiosity about natural phenomena
  • Develop lifelong critical thinking skills
  • Provide opportunities to work scientifically and use their findings to explain what is happening
  • Allow understanding of how far science has come, how instrumental its development has been in the Earth’s progression and how absolutely necessary it is in the future for maintaining and improving the world we live in

Whilst this happens students will:

  • Develop a secure understanding of biology, chemistry and physics
  • Foster a use and love of scientific vocabulary and its origins
  • Apply their mathematical skills to a context whilst collecting, analysing and presenting evidence driven conclusions
  • Grow in confidence as they become independent thinkers with the tools and confidence to question what is happening around them and why this could be.
  • Develop their ability to work scientifically

Curriculum features

As part of our teaching we place a strong focus on the need to understand concepts firmly before moving on. We assess regularly to ensure students are comfortable in their knowledge and we provide regular opportunity for them to develop practical skills in a safe and controlled environment. The knowledge that students arrive with from primary school is revisited throughout their secondary education with added layers of information, understanding and complexity added each time.

The subject of science is not just a long list of facts and figures for students to remember. It is a deeper understanding of everything that is around us and how it all fits together. Students leave Settlebeck with an ability to link their learning in all three of their sciences providing them with the opportunity to continue their learning post-16 and find their own passion within such a broad subject.

Curriculum enrichment

Students are given regular opportunity to develop practical skills in and out of the laboratory. Learning often takes place in the surroundings of the school and is supplemented by various extra-curricular clubs including robot programming, wildlife garden and Kit-Car building. Trips to observatories, museums and other attractions are regular and co-ordinated with other departments as we look to promote STEM and its importance to the students.