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20 January 2017

Dear Parents

League tables were out yesterday and I thought you would be interested to know how our school has done.

Using the new measure of Progress 8 introduced by the government to measure the effectiveness of secondary schools, Settlebeck came 5th in the County and 2nd in the South Lakes behind Cartmel.

In terms of progress in English, Settlebeck came 2nd in the County and 1st in the South Lakes. For progress in maths Settlebeck came 2nd in the County and in the South Lakes, again with Cartmel coming top.

What this means is that students at Settlebeck get, on average, half a grade higher in their English and maths GCSEs than students of similar ability in other schools!

What is also interesting is that if you take out the selective school then the top four schools in the league table all have fewer than 400 students.

What is Progress 8?

Progress 8, as its name suggests, measures the amount of progress a student makes from year 7 to year 11. The better the P8 measure, the more progress individuals have made at secondary school. For example, if 10 students had target grades of Cs and they achieved those Cs that would mean a positive P8 figure.  If those students got Bs, the P8 score would be higher. If, however, they got Ds then that would be a negative P8 score.

P8 measures the numbers of students who achieve 8 GCSEs, but these 8 must be in a particular combination of subjects. They must have at least 1 GCSE in each of the ‘Progress 8 buckets’.

Bucket 1 – English

Bucket 2 – Maths

Buckets 3, 4 & 5 – any 3 GCSES in science, history, geography, a language or computer science

Buckets6, 7 & 8 – any 3 GCSEs in any other subject; these can include art, product design, drama, etc.

Congratulations to all the students and staff for such a positive result.

Yours sincerely

Karen Grant



Settlebeck School is pleased to be engaged in a developing partnership with Howgill Harriers with many of our students active members of the club. If you are interested in joining a friendly running club please click on the link below to access their website.


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