Form Tutors

Meet your form tutors

What is a form tutor?

You will see your form tutor for tutorial and registration daily. Form tutors will check the daily progress students are making and will praise and support the students were necessary. Form tutors also liaise with heads of years and teachers about students from their forms as well meeting parents over matters of concern. Individual form tutors are the main point of contact for students and are available for all aspects of pastoral care.

Tutorial time provides a sociable, safe and emotionally warm environment for students to build and fulfil their potential. Tutorials provide additional support with the following key learning areas: Organisational skills, self-awareness and confidence, social skills, skills for learning and becoming independent learners.

On a day to day basis tutorials provide opportunities for students to interact with others in a positive way, something which they may have been unable to develop through their previous experiences. Form tutors aim to support the development of students in becoming: successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.

  • In particular, form tutors place a strong emphasis on developing language skills and communication as key building blocks for social interaction.

Examples of tutorial activities include: Literacy top up, numeracy top up, star of the week, enterprise challenge, thought of the week, listening skills activities, preparing for assemblies/Christmas fair and collaborative learning experiences.

What are some of the main differences to primary school?

House points for rewards, detentions/restorative practice for negative behaviour, lockers to keep your belongings during the day and rotating classrooms between lessons.

7C – Mrs Calvert

7H- Miss Hodgson