Drop Everything And Listen (DEAL)

At Settlebeck School reading is a priority.  In encouraging a child to read for pleasure, they will really reap the benefits. It might not seem like a particularly important task, but research shows that reading for pleasure can be directly linked to children’s success throughout their time at school and even into adulthood. 

Our reading for pleasure initiative called ‘Drop Everything and Listen’ (DEAL) takes place 3 times per week during morning tutor.  Your child will be given the opportunity to read a set text whilst also listening to the Audible version.  Research shows that ‘In listening to and following a text read aloud by a more capable reader, who provides scaffolding, a less fluent reader can experience autonomy and fluency and bypass frustrating ‘sticking points’ at phonemic, semantic or word level to focus on comprehension.’ (Wood et al 1976, Kuhn et al 2010). 

Over the course of your child’s time at Settlebeck School we will read a variety of challenging texts from a diverse range of authors.  

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