GCSE Examination Results 2019

Settlebeck School students and staff were pleased with examination results in 2019. There were some outstanding individual performance.

School results can be viewed on the DFE School Performance Website at the link below


Cohort Size: 35 Students

  • 34% of students achieved a strong pass (grade 5+) in both English and Maths.
  • 57% of students achieved a grade ‘4’ or better in both English and mathematics GCSEs.
  • The Progress 8 score was -0.20
  • The attainment 8 score was 41.85
  • 3% of students achieved the English Baccalaureate at Grade 4 or above.
  • 3% of students achieved the English Baccalaureate at Grade 5 or above.
  • 3% of students were entered for all English Baccaleaureate subjects (English, Maths, two Sciences, Geography or History and a Modern Foreign Language).
  • 100% of our students are in sustained education, employment or training.