Media Studies

Mr N Richmond

In Year 11 students can opt to take Media Studies GCSE. This is a very practical and creative course which encourages students to develop their enquiry and decision making skills through the study of different media texts. These texts include music videos, adverts, magazines and films.

Unit 1

Students study the representation of either gender or race in two music videos and write a 1500 word analysis. They then design and create their own CD cover.

Unit 2

Students produce a front page, contents page and double page spread for a new magazine in the genre of their choice.

For both assignments they need to organise their own photo shoots including make-up, costume and props. They will learn how to use different lighting to create different effects as well as using an SLR camera. We bring in media professionals to teach them how to use ICT packages such as Adobe Photoshop and Quark.